Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mindless brilliance

Someone wise wrote something recently that I read through and I had a little flash of desire to write about it.

The concept is something that I've thought at length about and haven't quite learned how to come to terms with. I'm still not certain I want to come to terms with it.

You see, in our daily life, we spend so much time simply going about our day that we hardly stop to think about what it is we're doing. Think about it for a second. How much time did you spend today doing things that were so deeply seated in your muscle memory that you could likely do them while asleep?

I know I drove back and forth to work, which I'm positive I could do asleep. At bare minimum, 90% of the phone calls I took from customers could have been answered by a monkey with a speak and spell. All of the small talk I had with co-workers was recycled garbage from the depths of the cavernous abyss that is my memory...

There really isn't a whole lot that I did today, or in recent days now that I think about it, that really set apart from anything else. It's like we're worker bees, set in our routine, guarding our queen and foraging for food while defending the hive. God forbid it rains now and again and our plans are completely shot to shit and we have to either stay inside, or cover ourselves with something before leaving so we don't ruin our pre-planned recycled days...

Then, when reading my friend's blog it just hit me - the little things that happen every so often to break our normal routine; sometimes good, sometimes bad things.... It's these things that give us that spark of excitement... That brilliance that we all strive for - artists call it inspiration, I call it like I see it; Mindless Brilliance.

Thanks for the genius idea.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday

I woke up today thinking to myself that egg salad for lunch would be fantastic...

Isn't that weird? Most people wake up thinking about what they're going to do today or what they did yesterday.. Here I am thinking about what I should eat for lunch.

(Yes, I'm hoping Dani will make some egg salad later haha)

We went to meet our wedding officiant yesterday, which was fun. The lady's name is Sue and she's really nice. She gave us this HUGE packet of paperwork to look through, which is supposed to help us decide exactly how we want our ceremony to go, and by bedtime Dani had it all planned out haha.

I don't think either of us want to do our own vows. We feel like we want to share with everyone our wedding day, but the things most people usually put in their vows when they write their own are things that are special to us, and we feel like it would almost cheapen it if we were to go blabbering on about it.

We met Sue in this little coffee shop named "Cup of Joe's" which was very quaint. We went in and were standing at the counter, and they seemed to have an endless array of coffee types and flavors to choose from, and I was sortof overwhelmed by it. In the end, I told them "coffee, large, in a travel cup" basically... (go me rofl)

Anyway, I got to thinking how fun it would be to own such a place. I'd really love to own my own business, but in this day and age, most LARGE businesses are having trouble staying afloat, forget about small ones. Perhaps in the near future when the economy begins to take a turn for the better, I'll revisit the idea more seriously.

On titles

Trying out a change of title, hope it suits the blog more. 

I've made a few changes to the layout and such too. Hope those are for the better.

Tired as hell at the moment, but have the weirdest desire to drive to a hotel to go swimming...

Haven't been swimming in years... 

Funny how you miss the little things.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

CFU sucks the big one

I'm writing to you on dialup internet.

Well, that's what it feels like. Our internet service provider apparently creates their internets from a series of cardboard toilet paper tubes. Literally...

Ok, not really, but you gotta admit that was midly amusing... So, I'm off in cyberspace minding my own business and all of a sudden it hits me. This wall of lag hits my computer and suddenly it's like my internet is suspended in a vat of molasses and is unable to move more than an inch or so at a time.

Naturally, the first thing I do is what they tell you on their automated message when you call because they think you're computer illiterate and read on a third grade level. I shut off the modem and router and turned them back on and restarted my PC. But alas, the internet was still slower than Betty White in lead shoes on an ice skating rink. It is just horrible.

There's nothing worse than sitting at a computer with no internet. Reminds me of an Xbox 360 without batteries for the controller. You might as well be staring at a wall...

Anyway, here's hoping they fix this crap soon. I'm tired of paying for service I can't use properly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The inevitable return

It seems I've been driven back to blogging again after quite a long hiatus.

I'm not going to bore you with details from between my last post and now, that would just be narcissistic. I'd prefer to just sortof start new, fresh, and perhaps entertain some of you people.

No guarantees on that last part though.

We'll see how things go, and if enough of you like to read the piles of horse manure I write here, I might just make it a habit.

Take it easy!